Pure County Bottled Water is pleased to provide you with many accessories to compliment our water products.

  • water cooler hot & cold stainless steel & custom designed (also cook and cold),
  • small crock pots good for bathroom or bedroom
  • water bottle covers
  • cleaning kits
  • dog dishes all different sizes
  • hand pumps
  • bags of ice
  • custom labels available
If we do not have the product you are looking for we would be happy to find it for you.

New Products
Nevada Cooler - The Nevada is the newest addition to a long line of high-quality, long-lasting water dispensers. Easily customized in any combination of blue, orange and dark grey colors; the innovatively designed Nevada will suit any home or office perfectly. Each Nevada cooler is fitted with the patented DryGuard™ leak-protection system and is customized to meet your needs.

Features  DryGuard™ - Patented non-spill system, Epoxy coated aluminum evaporator band, Tomlinson FDA approved self-closing faucets, Adjustable cold water thermostat, Free standing internal structure, Three color options - blue, dark grey and orange, Plastic (HDPE) cold water removable reservoir -

Select models #304 Stainless Steel cold water removable reservoir -

Select models #304 Stainless Steel hot tank - External mica heater band     Noise dampening technology - Compressor muffler system

Product dimensions
370(W) X 376 (D) X 1018 (H)mm
14.6"(W) X 14.8"(D) X 40.1" (H)

Available in
Orange, Blue & Two Tone Grey

NEW! Bottom Loading Water Coolers

Now anyone can load water coolers, even those without the strength to lift heavy bottles! With beautiful contoured Stainless Steel.

Many people have difficulty loading heavy water bottles onto coolers. What if you have a bad back? Or if you are a smaller person? Or what if you just don't look forward to loading a bulky water weight of a bottle onto the top of a water cooler.

Wouldn't it be easier to just slide the bottle into a bottom compartment? Well you can do that with our NEW bottom loading series. Now just about anyone can load the water cooler.

No heavy lifting, and no bending... your back will thank you.

These bottom loading water coolers come in two models. For those who only want cold water we have our Cook and Cold model. And for those that want hot water as well, we have a hot and cold water dispenser.

The hot and cold water dispensers also come with a modern looking large blue digital display. This reads the temperature of the water. It also allows you to adjust the temperature up and down.
Stainless Steel Bottom Loading Water Coolers

Stainless Steel Cooler

Variety of Water Coolers